Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Okay, so I was a bit late to this bandwagon… I was looking through my book collection and kindle library trying to decide what to read next, and nothing was appealing to me so I thought that maybe that meant that it was time to try something completely different to my usual tastes. Crazy Rich […]

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Coming together

For a while now, I’ve been trying to keep up with two blogs and failing miserably. My other blog started as a lifestyle blog but over time has become almost entirely a book blog. My love of books and reading is probably around equal to my love of crochet and knitting. And both fill me […]

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What am I working on right now?

So, for a while now I’ve really wanted to design my own amigurumi pattern. I’ve been messing around trying to make something I’m happy with for probably over a year. I think the problem is that I’ve been trying to be an overachiever and design something complicated and not really getting anywhere because I can’t […]

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Yes, this is the obligatory New Year post where I talk about how this year is going to be different and blah blah blah. I can’t say for sure that this year is going to be different but I’m really going to try to make it that way. Where 2016 was a year of big […]

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Life Update

I haven’t been posting on this blog nearly as often as I intended to when I started it and so I felt that I should probably explain what’s been going on. Over the last few months I’ve been really struggling to focus on one thing for a prolonged period of time and so the amount […]

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My Return to Cross-Stitching

I can still remember being in Year 2 at school and being taught how to cross-stitch by stitching our initials. For whatever reason I couldn’t get my head around it and so my work looked a mess compared to that of my classmates. I got a bit upset about it and so my mum, being […]

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The Gift of Crafting

I’ve grown up knowing how to knit and crochet. All of the women in my family up until my generation have done it for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough that my mum decided that she didn’t want this family skill to stop being passed on and so she taught me the very basics of how to knit and crochet and bought me my first crochet hook and first set of knitting needles. The gift of being able to create something out of practically nothing is something I can’t thank my mum enough for.

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