Yes, this is the obligatory New Year post where I talk about how this year is going to be different and blah blah blah. I can’t say for sure that this year is going to be different but I’m really going to try to make it that way. Where 2016 was a year of big […]

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Life Update

I haven’t been posting on this blog nearly as often as I intended to when I started it and so I felt that I should probably explain what’s been going on. Over the last few months I’ve been really struggling to focus on one thing for a prolonged period of time and so the amount […]

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Tutorial: Slip knot

As someone who has crocheted their whole life I take for granted some of the basic things that you need to be able to do in order to crochet and one of these is the slip knot. Even without having knit or crocheted before you may already know how to tie a slip knot but […]

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My Return to Cross-Stitching

I can still remember being in Year 2 at school and being taught how to cross-stitch by stitching our initials. For whatever reason I couldn’t get my head around it and so my work looked a mess compared to that of my classmates. I got a bit upset about it and so my mum, being […]

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